About OCG

Otten Consulting Group is the nation's premier ADA consulting firm. Our staff of dedicated professionals have backgrounds in accessibility consulting, property assessments, expert witness and litigation, commercial design and construction, facility planning, project and construction management. We provide a complete range of turn-key services for accessibilty compliance. We have assembled a quality team of professionals dedicated to accessibility compliance sevices.

Kenneth F. Otten;
President, RAS, KenOtten@statereview.com

Attila E. Huszka;
Senior Principal, RAS, Attila@statereview.com

Kathy Rodriguez;
Principal, RAS, Compliance Administrator & Office Manager

Shery Abdi;
Principal, Senior RAS, Shery@statereview.com

Chris Hinlke;
RAS Inspections Dallas / Ft. Worth

Jessica Montalvo;
Administrative TAS Inspections Coordinator

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